Criteria for Appointment of Regional Center for Immigrant Investor Program

As a blend of the EB-5 Visa program, a regional center investor program of villages was created to enable foreign nationals to invest the necessary funds in state-owned enterprises. The minimum investment required for this EB-5 visa program is $ 500,000. To meet the general investment requirement for Visa EB-5, this investment should have a good economic impact on the US economy.

If you think about investing in one of these projects, it will be useful for you to know the criteria for post-election of the Regional Center and the US Citizenship and Immigration service. In addition to general information, you will be encouraged to inquire about the organizational structure and project management you will invest in and also to involve the means to be used for your financial allocation and management. Although the Regional Center structure differs from project to project, the following are archetypes that are compatible with all.

The Regional Investment Center should consider the geographic area that should be clear in the proposal. Targeted Work Location (TEA) that will benefit from regional center investment should be clear. A series of maps that include Standard Metropolitan Data Plans, Rural Areas and TEA and Census Advertising must be submitted by the application.

The Regional Center clearly shows how direct and indirect tasks are expected to be created. Estimated employment and statistical and economic analysis are required in the application. A business plan that will show that the project under the current economic situation is also important.

With the proposal it will be reported from the Head of the Regional Center that will explain how to track every EB-5 investor in the business and business efficiency created by each investor. Typically, investors may have little interest in establishing new business at the Regional Center. Investors are parties to all rights and obligations under small-scale government cooperation laws in which investments are made but for better business operations, the participation of the General Agent is mandatory.

The app should also include details of the Regional Center’s promotional activities, as well as the specific budget specifications set for this purpose. A clear approach to the process that will identify the criteria of the investor selected and the investor’s financial assurance to determine its validity will also be presented in the proposal. Detailed explanations of the potential impacts of investment projects on household incomes, service needs, maintenance and maintenance should also be supplied.

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